Biggest Penis In The World - Can You Make Yours Bigger?


OK, if you have found this article, you are probably just like thousands of other men who are interested in knowing who has the biggest penis in the world. First off, you must understand that there is no organization that goes around pulling down people’s pants to get their penis sizes. The few people who hold the records are the ones who have come forward claiming to have the largest penis or the longest penis or even the widest penis.

So, this means that the ones showcasing them may not necessarily have the longest penis in the world. There might be others who might be hiding their penis size due to privacy reasons. After all, not everyone out there would be comfortable boosting about their long penis size. As a matter of fact, some individuals might be embarrassed to have larger than normal penis size. In any case, there are good numbers of individuals out there who often wonder about the size of the longest penis in the world.

Currently, the record for the biggest penis goes to a guy who goes by the interesting name of Jonah Falcon. The guy is said to be 41 years old. He is an American actor and host. He measured in at a whopping 13.5 inches. This is more than twice the size of the average penis which comes in at about 6 – 6.5 inches. Jonah Falcon has appeared in documentaries and television shows. All thanks to his super size penis.

Don’t feel bad if your penis is quite smaller than the guy who holds the record. In fact, a penis that is bigger than about 8 inches is pretty much useless in satisfying a woman as a woman’s vagina can take in only 8 inches of length. Also, most women might feel real pain if one tries to insert hard during sexual intercourse. So, there is really no need to feel bad about having smaller penis than the current world record. As a matter of fact, the current world record holder confesses that at one point he was single for nearly 12 years. As you see, it doesn’t always help to have a super size penis.

However, if you are well below 8 inches or maybe even smaller than the average penis size of 6 inches, you could consider penis enlargement exercises to gradually increase your penis size. Whatever you do, do not try to increase your penis size with pills or pumps as they just don’t work. Even worse, they can possibly cause harm to the health of your penis.

If you really want to increase penis size, the only way to really do it would be by doing penis enlargement exercises. Here is a quick low down on penis exercises.

  • Good penis exercises will take about 10 minutes of your day. Moreover, it can be done anywhere and at anytime.
  • They will need to be done on a semi erect penis after it has been properly lubricated and warmed up.
  • Enhancement exercises or jelqing as it is called will need to be done everyday for about 6-8 weeks.
  • Enlargement exercises can result in gains of as much as 2 inches although a one inch gain is more likely for people who try it.
  • Enhancement exercises will result in permanent penis enlargement in the sense that a person can keep the gains in length and girth of their bigger penis even after he has finished an exercise program. There is no need to exercise it after one has gained inches.
  • Learn more about exercising your way to a bigger size by visiting the link mentioned below.


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