How to Grow Your Penis - Throw Away the "Miracle" Pills!


Many penis enlargement pill sites will try and convince you that you can simply learn how to grow your penis by taking their pills once or twice a day. The problem, however, is that your penis stops “growing” after puberty. Now, I’m not saying there’s no way to enlarge your penis permanently, but the “miracle” pills so many men throw away money on simply aren’t the answer and it makes me sick when I see how many people get scammed. This article should help you understand why some methods of penis enlargement work while others don’t, and to help point you towards more realistic penis enlargement alternatives.

First, let’s talk about realistic expectations for penis enlargement. Plain and simple, any company claiming that you’ll be adding 5 inches to your penis in the next week or two is spoon-feeding you the BS. Body tissue, with or without the “help” of a supplement, is not capable of growing at this rate and even the best penis enlargement programs usually provide gains of about an inch every 2-3 weeks. Furthermore, most penis enlargement pills actually just increase blood flow and give you harder erections, and no real growth at all. It’s easy to see why some of the claims are so ridiculous when you think about how your body grows in other areas.

Let’s say you were going to start lifting weights, in hopes of getting huge biceps. After the first few days of working out you would certainly start to see some bulging in your arms, but you wouldn’t expect to look like a professional body builder after a week of working out would you? By the same token, how could you expect to have the penis of a porn star after one week of taking some gimmicky pill? Real penis enlargement takes both dedication, and a little bit of time, just like building up those biceps.

Wait… Are you trying to say I can grow my penis by EXERCISING?

Actually, yes, in a way. You see, the penis itself contains several chambers that all fill with blood during sexual arousal. Once these chambers fill up, you reach you maximum erect size, and the only way to change that limit is by growing the tissues of these chambers.

Enlarging the chamber tissues of the penis is much like building muscle; the body senses a stress or stimuli and over time increases cell growth in the area so your body is better equipped to handle that stress the next time it occurs.


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