Why Penis Size Always Matters


The first question to address is why would a man want to increase penis length and increase penis girth?

1. The most common (and honest) answer is that his ego demands it! It is no different to wanting an athletic 6 pack body or some other ideal that society has defined for him (a psychological choice).

2. A less common answer is that he has a much smaller penis than normal and finds that sex is less satisfying for his partner (a physical problem).

Both of these answers have equal validity because we all have the right to define what we feel is important but it may also influence the choice of penis enlargement method. For example, a man with a genuine physical problem may want to consult a medical specialist first rather than randomly try out different methods to increase penis length and increase penis girth. This does not mean that penis enlargement surgery is his best option but it is better for him to gather his facts before proceeding.

The next obvious question is what is the baseline for comparisons (average male penis size)?

In a previous eZine article Average male penis size and erect penis size classifications I defined classifications of erect penis girth and erect penis length based on an analysis of several statistical studies. The classifications were as follows:

For erect penis length:

1. Very small – less than 11cm.

2. Small – 11 to 14cm.

3. Average – 14 to 17cm.

4. Long – 17 to 20cm.

5. Very long – more than 20cm.

And for erect penis girth:

1. Thinner – less than 12cm.

2. Average – 12 to 14cm.

3. Thicker – more than 14cm.

There are many articles and videos that discuss (I use the term very loosely here!) the question of does penis size matter? They never reach a sensible conclusion because they are asking a question that does not have one answer, except YES with several footnotes:

1. Penis size always matters and so a better question is to ask how much does it matter in comparison to other factors (e.g. personality) and for certain types of sexual partners.

2. A very small penis (less than 11 cm in length and 12 cm in girth) can make it much more difficult to sexually satisfy a partner. At the other extreme it can also be more difficult to satisfy some types of partners with a very large penis (more than 20 cm in length and 14 cm in girth) because of physical discomfort. It works both ways.

3. Some partners do have a preference for larger penises. Just like some partners prefer larger breasts or any other physical feature. The size preference may be psychological (e.g. a fantasy) or physical (e.g. increased stimulation).

It can be concluded that:

1. Most men want a larger penis out of choice and not because they have a physical problem.

2. A man with an erect penis smaller than 11 cm in length and 12 cm in girth may benefit from a consultation with a medical specialist to better understand their condition.

3. Penis size always matters, just to different degrees, with different partners.

In my next article I am going to discuss how an erection develops and what limits the size of an erect penis.


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