Want a Bigger Penis? Increase Your Penis Length and Girth With This Simple Exercise


Believe me, those penis enlargement pills that you’re taking or thinking of taking will not give you any permanent gains. More likely than not, they’ll give you nothing. The product creators know that, but they also know that they can sell us anything because we’re desperate.

Actually, I was desperate before I found what works. Physical exercise for your penis works. If you’re an adult, then you’ve missed the boat for hormone or chemical based penis growth. It’s time to get physical.

I’d like to introduce you to an exercise called “jelqing” or “milking”, which gave me my first real penis size gains. I don’t think that there is a better bang-for-buck penis enlargement exercise because it is both simple and effective.

How does it work?

Well, jelqing gently forces bigger than normal amounts of blood into the penis, which stretches the elastic tissues of the penis beyond your normal erection size. Your body then adapts by growing new tissue to deal with more blood, which means that over time your penis gets bigger. In my experience, you get both length and girth increases. What I liked most was that my flaccid was mush more impressive.

How to do it?

Very simple:

* Wrap you penis in a warm cloth or rice sock for 5 minutes to warm up

* Cover your penis and the inside of your hands with a generous amount of lubricant – petroleum jelly is great, but I find that tissue oil leaves my penis looking very healthy afterward.

* Get your penis partially erect. About 80% erect is best. I’ll leave that ‘how’ up to you.

* Make an ‘OK’ sign (ring) with your thumb and forefinger, while you encircle the base of your partially erect penis. Tighten this grip just enough so that blood cannot flow out.

* Slowly (3-5 seconds) pull the grip forward until your hand reaches your penis head and immediately follow with the other hand.

* Start with 100 slow strokes on the first day and then do 200 a day for 2 weeks, after which you want to work up to 500 a day. But you’ll only workout 3 non-consecutive days a week. Your penis needs to recover and grow – don’t overdo it!

* Again do the warm wrap after the workout, or take a warm (not HOT!) shower/bath.

You’ll start to see some good gains very quickly. You’ll probably catch yourself admiring your penis after each session because of how much bigger and healthier it looks.

Jelqing is a fantastic penis exercise, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg.


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