The Very Best Exercises to Increase Penis Size and Last Longer


Penis size really is all about first impressions! It is all a factor of the perception of the women looking on. We all want to appear to look “large”, but how do we really do this?

Some women may say that penis size is not important to them, but guys let’s face it, they are lying! There is a more important factor that I will tell you at the end of the article however! Most men think that a bigger penis is the key to having better sex. They are wrong! The fact is there are more important issues at hand (position choice, endurance, and flexibility to name a few). That is information for another time and place.

This leads us all to the ultimate question in the man’s mind, “how can I make my penis get huge?”

Well I am sure you have seen hundreds of articles and ads claiming that they can make this dream come true for a mere $49.99/mo. Right guys? Pills, creams, and lotions oh my! Maybe you have even seen something about that terrible surgery that increases your penis size, but then you wiener just flops around like a fish because they cut your stabilizing ligament. Ouch! Want to know the only real way to make this happen?

It’s the Big E! The dreaded word…exercise! There are a few very simple exercises that you can start today. I will nearly promise to each and everyone of you…this may not make you porn star big, but they will increase size! The best part is they can be done in your own home, and they are very effective.

One of the top exercises and one of my “old” favorites is one called:

1. Clamping.

Simply put this involves putting a penis ring at the base of the shaft. By keeping the penis engorged with blood over a period of time, it actually makes your spongy penis tissue able to hold more blood, and of course the result of which is a thicker and more erect penis. Pretty easy right? Only knock here is that you need buy the proper “workout gear”, and it kind of looks weird to a first time sexual partner.

So the next in a long list of exercises is and another “old” standby:

2. Jelqing.

This is really something. Many say that the “largest” cultures do this to their boys from a young age on, and that they are known to reach lengths of up to 18 inches. That is impressive, but I am guessing none of you are under 5 years of age! So can we still get results? Absolutely!

Kind of works like this…you work with a semi erect penis and use a lubricant. You put your hand in an “ok” position, and then starting at the base of the penis you grip firmly. You then pull that hand towards the head of the penis. As that happens you take an “ok” in the other hand and essentially “clamp” the base of your penis with the other hand, this effectively keeps the blood in and engorges the shaft of the penis. You then follow with the other hand and so on and so forth. This could really be called…

Milking the penis. But hey, what do I know?!

The knock here is it takes time and must be done on a consistent basis to work!

The next and last exercise for this article (prob. the best and newest):

3. Kegels.

This may not be the one you choose, but it should be! These exercises are very popular right now and they have a dual function. Increased size and also increased stamina…you know what they have a tri function as they can also help those with erectile dysfuntion! It is the tri-fecta of sexual prowless!

These more of less consist of working the muscles of the pelvic floor. Think of the muscles it takes to stop your stream of urine. Now there are many ways to exercise these muscles. We can go over actually rep counts and exercises next time. To start just squeeze the muscles it would take to control the flow of urine 10 times straight in a quick fashion.

As I stated earlier these can also help stop premature ejaculation, lengthen the time of sex, and give you a stronger erection.

Really when it comes to getting a larger penis, think long term. Nothing good comes quickly. And now back to the beginning of the article. The most important factor for getting a women to climax is stamina! Most men average 2-3 minutes to get to climax, but women on average 7-9 minutes. That is bad, right?


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