The Fashion of the 1960s

Men's Fashion 1960s

The ‘60s was the decade of freedom. Everyone, particularly the youth, spoke out their preferences, and had an immediate and powerful effect on the fashion industry. For example, the women of the ‘60s chose to have a childlike image with short skirts, much like the trend in the 1920s.

Fashion in the ‘60s emphasized simplicity, youthfulness, and neatness. Synthetic fabrics became widely used during the decade. Hats became passé. Stilettos were widely used items as well as lower kitten heels. Flat boots were also worn as well as very short dresses. Shoes invariably changed from pointed toes, to chisel shaped toes, and to almond toes.

Light fabric was the choice material for menswear in the decade. Young men chose to grow their hair down, even reaching the collar. For good measure they added floral motifs and colors to their shirts. Other trends among men were the wearing of the polo neck, the workman jacket coupled with rough corduroy. The Mao jacket also proved to be more than a political gimmick. Jeans were also worn marking another innovation in the wardrobe of men. Designers like Pierre Cardin introduced some progressive rumbling although the 3-piece suit remained unchanged. The ‘60s movements of hippie and psychedelia had a strong influence on fashion.

The decade also marked the rise of partnerships between high fashion designers and popular celebrities. Audrey Hepburn was matched with Givenchy, while Jackie Kennedy found hers with Oleg Cassini. It was also the time when models stamped their influence on fashion.

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