The 10 Styles of Button Down Dress Shirts You Need In Your Closet

Dress Shirts

All men should have some designer dress shirts. They’re great for going out to the club, or leisurely hanging out with your girlfriend. Either way, there are some essential styles that men need for their closet. Read this article to see how many you have, and how many you need.

1. Oxford: These are the most classic button down dress shirts. Usually in shades of blue, white, or sometimes even pink, these classic designer dress shirts always look good. With a tight weave more yarn is used, and so usually these shirts are some of the nicer and more expensive designer dress shirts.

2. Gingham: A black gingham shirt is a classic style that can be paired with jeans or khakis. Throw on a black blazer or an overcoat, and you can easily dress it down or up.

3. Vertical Stripes: Striped dress shirts are more traditional dress shirts for men, and for good reason. They make you look taller and leaner and are great to wear under a sports coat in a classic color like blue.

4. Nailshead: At first glance these mens button down shirts may remind you of the oxford, but they have a slightly different weave that is less formal. In nicer shirts it is known as Voile. A hybrid of it exists as Zendaline, with which its highly twisted yarn means a lower yarn count and a gorgeous summer dress shirt.

5. Seersucker: These button down dress shirts are the ultimate in prep. But be careful, you may get in trouble with the fashion police if you try to wear these striped dress shirts after Labor Day.

6. Chambray: Also called cambric, these mens button down shirts are lightweight and breathable. In the U.S. a sturdier form of the fabric arrived with a white weft and an often blue-colored warp to deliver the casual fashions of the 80’s and 90’s.

7. Poplin: Also known as broadcloth, this style of mens fashion shirts is plain and even-woven, which makes for a thin and crisp feeling.

8. Plaid: Also known as tartan, plaid is the ultimate winter weekend shirt. You can wear it camping or even experiment with dressing it up. Any collection of mens fashion shirts are in need of this style.

9. Twill: This weave has a small diagonally ribbed pattern. It is only apparent on the front, but not as exaggerated as corduroy. It is thick, soft, and is the hardest to soil, but if you do, is the most difficult to clean.

10. Herringbone: A nice variation on twill striped dress shirts, this design is more casual than the vertical striped dress shirts, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t look good. You may also find Gabardine as well.

There you have it, shoppers. If you have at least one of each kind of these designer dress shirts, you will be ready to look good for any occasion, at any time of the year.

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