Make Your Penis Larger Naturally In Just One Month


You know, I’ve had a lot of women ask me why on earth would a man want to go to as much trouble as they often do to increase the size of his penis, and I usually get the impression that most women think it’s all about boosting their ego.

To be honest, I tend to agree with them. Very few men have a penis so small that it affects their sex life. Unfortunately however, many men believe they are smaller than average because of all the misinformation they’re subjected to in the media and in porn, and they believe all women want a huge penis in their bed.

In reality though, numerous studies have shown the average woman values girth more than they value length. Most recently, the British Association of Urology found that men and women appreciate girth rather than length in a penis, and that an incredible 55% of men would like a bigger penis. Who said women were the insecure sex?

Even so, as individuals, all men have to right to increase the size of their penises – even if it’s just to make them feel better about themselves. Life is short, after all, and if you’re uncomfortable with the size of your penis and can do something about it naturally and effectively, why not?

I myself am guilty of wanting a bigger member just because I think it would make me feel better between the sheets and in everyday life. I don’t know why I feel like this, or where it came from, but I know that when I started seriously looking for ways to make it happen, I had no “real” need to in a medical sense… I just wanted it. For me.

Irrespective of your reasons, the best approach is to make your penis larger naturally: it dramatically reduces the risk of injury or illness, and doesn’t involve the high costs, recovery times, or lengthy processes.

But what do I mean by making your penis larger naturally?

Well, natural penis enlargement doesn’t involve surgery, doctors appointments, pharmaceutical intervention or specialist consultations. For starters, any kind of penis surgery is something to avoid at all costs. Not only is it extremely expensive, but the results are often disappointing at best. There’s also a very real risk of being left with a damaged or deformed penis, or an inability to achieve a proper erection, due to the fact that most surgical penis enlargements act by severing the ligaments connecting the penis shaft to the rest of the body. Doesn’t sound nice, does it!

Penis pumps have been around for many decades already, so it’s mind boggling to think there are still men who buy these pumps in the hope of being able to increase the size of their penis. Surely by now men have realised that they don’t work on the size of their manhood – only how hard it gets? Pump away at your penis for as long as you want, by all means, and enjoy the enlarged erection while it lasts, because unfortunately, once the fun is over and your penis is flaccid, it will be the same size it always was.

Sure, penis extenders can work, as long as you get a good quality device, but they’re often horribly overpriced. These traction systems operate by holding the penis in a prolonged stretch, pulling the muscles out of their usual range of motion and causing cells to divide and multiply into the new area.

But for me, there’s something a little bit desperate about walking around every day with your penis in a traction device. There’s also a very real risk of injury, because many men will be tempted to speed up the process by yanking their penis too far, or leaving it on longer than the guidelines suggest. Doing this can quickly result in too much tension being exerted on the penis, causing irreparable damage and a bigger problem than you started with…

Of course, when you make your penis larger naturally, there are no risks whatsoever, which is essentially why I chose to go the natural route.

So how did I do it?

By researching a lot of different exercises that targeted the only muscle involved in the penis: the tunica albuginea. A lot of the exercises I found online didn’t have the science behind them to back them up, and health professionals I checked them with didn’t recommend taking the risk.

But a few specific exercises did check out, and with just a few minutes a day, I saw results within three or four weeks.

One of the best movements I found was the good old-fashioned jelqing technique, where the penis is effectively ‘milked’ in a semi-erect state, causing increased blood flow to stretch the tunica muscles and encourage new muscle growth.

To try it, start by massaging yourself into about an 80% erection and lubricating the whole area, then gripping the base of your penis with one hand (I use by first finger and thumb in a circle around the shaft, near my balls). With the other hand, you simply push the blood from the base of the penis into the tip, so it’s bulging slightly. Stop when your ‘milking’ hand gets to the head of the penis, and repeat the process up to 15 times a day.

Keep it slow and steady, and stop if there’s ever any pain or irritation while you’re doing the exercise. After a good jelqing session, your penis should hang lower than before and will probably be full of bulging veins. This is a sign you’ve had a good workout, and the penis will return to normal within a few minutes.

For me, I started to see permanent results of about half an inch after just performing this one exercise every day for four weeks, but you’ll see more dramatic results if you combine it with some other specific lengthening and advanced stretching techniques.

It doesn’t require hours of your time each day. It doesn’t take six months or more. It doesn’t require complicated devices, pumps or pulleys. And it doesn’t ever mean you should do anything that hurts or irritates your penis.

In fact, if you have two hands, some lube, and five minutes a day, you can make your penis larger naturally. It was really that easy for me, and it can be for other men too – all you have to do is respect yourself, respect your penis, and have the courage to take control of what you really want, no matter what your own reasons are.

I loved my penis when it was just five inches, but I love it even more now. Sure I only gained one and a half inches in a month, but that’s 1.5 inches more than I had before, my penis is stronger and feels better than it ever did, it’s all natural, and it’s more than enough for me.


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