Kettlebell Chest Fly's


Using Kettlebells to perform chest fly’s may seem a tad bit odd but it is something that a lot of serious body builders are starting to do in order to encourage extra pectoral development. Body builders such as the great Dexter Jackson have always been advocates of fly’s to develop awesome Pecs, especially the upper region which most athletes find hard to build up.

Most discussions involving the Chest fly revolve around whether a fixed machine or Dumbbells tend to be best with weight lifting aficionados always favouring the free weight version using Dumbbells. Using a free weight obviously increases the risk of injury but the stability needed to perform the exercise correctly encourages extra muscle stimulation in the upper pectoral region and the deltoids. When gravity and stability are added to any exercise the results are usually far better, that being said the range of movement using a Dumbbell is limited in comparison to using a pair of cables as this gives the athlete the ability to cross their arms at the completion stage of the repetition giving the inner part of the Pectoral an extra squeeze.

Moving onto how the Kettlebell can be used for chest fly’s and the major difference is the ability to rotate your wrists in whichever way you want during the movement allowing for various angles of stress to place on the Deltoids and Pectoral region. One of the most popular things to do with this Kettlebell exercises is to bring the Kettlebells up to the top of the movement and then rotate the wrists so the palms of the hands are facing totally away from the Athlete.

The beauty of this Kettlebell exercise is that you can continue to rotate your wrist in whichever way you wish on the negative part of the repetition also. This an exercise in which you can make your own and adapt you positioning of your hands in order to place stress on whichever part of the chest you wish to.

Most body builders using the kettlebell chest fly are doing so to focus on one area in particular of the Pectoral region. This kind of area specification cannot be done with a machine fly or pec dec as the movement is in a fixed angle, and although it can be done using the cables, however using kettlebells, are the only way to do it whilst using a free weight.

Kettlebell Chest Fly’s allow the athlete the advantages of using free weight training combined with the ability to isolate certain areas of a muscle group such as a cable crossover would.


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