How to Make Your Penis Bigger - Proven Techniques to Enlarge Your Small Penis Into a Monster


Get a larger penis – this seems to be the mantra of most alpha males around the world. Boys as young as twelve years old would start asking looking for ways to make this happen. Adults in their late twenties would spend hours on the internet hoping to stumble upon that miracle cure that would enable them to have a bigger manhood.

But before we delve into the ways on how to enhance the penis, let’s get one thing straight. A majority of women would be delighted to take whatever you have to offer. If you don’t measure up to those ridiculously big tools you see on porn videos, that’s okay. You can enlist the help of your fingers, tongue, and toes to help you out in the lovemaking session.

In fact, women don’t really reach orgasm by the size of your manhood. It has little or nothing to do with it. If you want to bring her places she has never been to before, you must know how to play around her thing. And haven’t you heard women complain about men who have gigantic tools? It hurts their vagina. Too much of something is not good, right?

Perhaps it is not really your size that is the problem. It may have something to do with your confidence issues. Nothing turns off women than a man who is insecure of himself. No matter how hard you hide it, they can see through the ruse. So instead of obsessing on insignificant details like sizes and measurements, why not devote your time upping your confidence level and learning the tricks on how to win a woman’s heart?

If you are unhappy with how your penis looks, you can do several things to improve its appearance. You cannot alter its measurement in any way. Saying is so is just like fooling yourself. But you can do some makeover in order to make it more presentable and a little larger than its actual size.

A good trick is to lose the fat pad hovering around your pelvis. Too much of that and you ruin the original structure of your penis. As you can see, this nasty pad cloaks the base of your penis, making it look shorter than its actual length. In order to lose it, make an effort to sweat around and exercise sufficiently.

Linger around the shallower areas of the vagina. This is where you can mostly find the nerve endings, meaning there is really no point in going deeper. If you understand the basics of the female anatomy, you would realize that your penis is made exactly for the purpose of satisfying her completely. Knowing how to work your penis is key to a happy and successful relationship.


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