Exercises to Increase Penis Size - How to Get Maximum Results With Minimum Effort


There are number of different exercises to increase penis size and number of workouts as well. If you want to use exercises to increase penis size, then obviously you want to make quick gains. There are men, who have easily increased their penis length by 2-3 inches and a few even 4 inches. While others make very little gains or none at all. In this article I will tell you why these differences can happen and how you can get the maximum out of your penile exercising. Alright?

Like I said, there are a lot of exercises and different routines to increase penis size. A routine that might work for some guy, might not necessarily work for you. This is one of the first things you need to keep in mind – there is no “one workout fits all.” The basic principles of penile exercises are the same for every man, but these routines must be personalized, because your penis is unique. The anatomy can be different, as well as the fitness level.

Tunica is a layer of tissue, just beneath the skin and it is very strong. It is a multi-layered, tendon like tissue, which governs the size of your penis. Most men have two layers of tunica, but some might have only one and some even three layers. This factor might and most likely does play some role in how quickly men can make gains, by using exercises to increase penis size.

The fitness level of your manhood also plays an important role, maybe even a more important role than anatomy. Just as different men have different fitness levels, the fitness level of penis`s can also differ. How often is your penis put to work? How often do you masturbate or have sex? For example, if your penis is not that fit, because you do not use it that much, then some of the exercises to increase penis size, might be too intense. On the other hand, someone who has a very fit penis, might find that most exercises and routines are not intense enough.

It is very hard to tell what your penis anatomy or fitness level really is. If you don`t know that, then it is very hard to find the right exercises routines to increase penis size. You might use routines that are way too intense, not intense enough or use the right intensity routines. Some guys, just get lucky and find what works for them right away, while others need to experiment.

The best way to solve this problem and quickly find out what are the right exercises, routines and intensity for you, is to pay attention to your body clues – This is much more important than routines, time or reps. Your body clues will tell you exactly when too add intensity and when to decrease it.

If you get healthy body clues – get strong erections, penis does not hurt, you make gains – then you are doing very well and don`t need to change anything. But if you feel some pain, your penis looks weird and spotty, you make no gains, then you must be over training and need to make changes.

Paying attention to your body clues will help you achieve maximum results, with the shortest time possible. But most of the men, who use exercises to increase penis size, never pay attention to it. And either over train or train too little and afterwards say, that penis exercises do not work, which is not true. Penile exercises have been proven to work and around 1.3 million men from all over the world. You can also succeed and increase your penis, but you need to work for it and use the right methods, some of which I pointed out in this article.


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