4 Unconventional Steps To Make Your Penis Grow (Or Look) Bigger: Without Pills, Surgery, Or Tools


Thousands upon thousands of men have come to their senses these days and are now doing away with pills, surgery, tools, and all other unnatural methods for making your penis grow bigger. Many men are realizing that the natural approach is the best approach… period. This is because when you go natural, you get permanent results, better results, there are no side-effects or pain to worry about, and you also gain extra benefits as well. In this article here, I wanted to share with you 4 unconventional steps to first make your penis “look” bigger and second, actually increase the size of your manhood. Continue reading to learn more.

Two Tricks To Make Your Manhood “Look” Bigger…

If you’re like me, you want the real deal. This means you don’t want anything that is fake or deceptive. For example, you want a gold watch, not a brass watch, you want a name brand suit, and not a knock-off, etc., etc. The reason why most of us men want the real deal is because we know that having a fake gold watch can cause skin problems and looks cheesy and a knock-off suit looks cheap and will fit like crap! But in regards to the manhood, maybe we might make the exception to have a little deception with how big our manhood truly is! LOL

A couple of tricks you could do to make your penis appear larger than what it is to:

1.) First slim down. Being overweight has a tendency of making your manhood look smaller than usual. The more slimmer you are, the bigger your manhood could appear.

2.) Second, shaving your pubic hairs could make your penis appear bigger as well.

Two Steps For Making Your Manhood Actually Grow Bigger…

If you want to ensure that you grow a bigger manhood without any setback, without spending a ton of money, and without having to deal with any annoying problems, then it is absolutely paramount that you stick with natural enlargement methods.

Using unnatural methods such as enhancement pills, pumping/extending tools, penile chamber clamps, patches, creams, etc. will do nothing for you except drain your wallet, cause pain, cause side-effects, not bring you any real results, and will certainly not bring you any permanent or natural results. It’s just a shame that many men do not the truth about this and they end up wasting a ton of money only to find out the hard way.

Listen, if you want to get that 7-9 inch penis erection, a bigger flaccid “hanging-size”, a harder and longer-lasting erection, powerful ejaculation release, and the ability to last up to 20 minutes before ejaculating, then you MUST rely on natural methods to obtain these incredible benefits.

Two things that I recommend you do to naturally improve all areas of your manhood are:

3.) Be sure to get the right nutrients in your diet. There are foods and/or supplements that you can take that will help with speeding up blood flow into your penile shaft. With more blood flowing into your penile shaft, the more your penis will be able to expand. The nutrients I recommend you get either by way of food (which I recommend the most by the way) or by supplementation are niacin, ginkgo biloba, fish oil, antioxidants, and raw fruits and veggies.

4.) Exercise your penile chambers, ligaments, and PC muscle with your hands. By performing natural exercising routines on your manhood, you’ll have the ability to thicken, lengthen, strengthen, and harden your penis much more effectively, easily, affordably, and permanently in comparison to any other form of growing a bigger endowment.

An example of a hand exercise for your penis are jelqing routines. Jelqing routines are the beginner exercises. These routines are done by first, getting an erection to 50%, second, form an O.K. sign with your dominant hand, third, place your hand at the base of your penis, and fourth, move your hand toward the head of your penis and just before you reach the head, release your hand. This completes one repetition. Repeat those steps above for 20 reps for a good beginner workout.

There are more advanced routines that will help create a longer, thicker, and harder erection.

Natural hand exercises have been proven effective by many men (including myself) to naturally grow a bigger penis size fairly quickly. I wounded up expanding my manhood to 7 1/2 inches from 5 1/2 inches in just under 8 weeks using this method along with improving my diet by adding in those nutrients above.

Bottom line, if you want to make your manhood “appear” bigger, two things you could do are shaving your pubic hairs and/or slimming down. If you want to actually expand your size, including those important nutrients I mentioned above into your daily diet along with performing natural routines on your manhood are two things that could help you increase your size. It’s much more easier to do, much more healthier to do, the results come out much more better, there are many other benefits that are gained, and the results are permanent.


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